It all started in 2009. July.

01. Can It Be Love?

When I first saw him
My heart began to dance
I fell in love with a sweet and
A sunny smile playing about your lips
I got my love with anguish feelings for that boy
Now, Hear me out
– Can It Be Love ; Kim Kibum’s Part

I saw this amazing guy on the Internet, and he made me a fangirl like this. I only knew him as an actor. And didn’t know that he’s a Super Junior member. So I started searched about him and this (my very first Kim Kibum photo) said it all. I finally knew that you have a family. You have brothers. 14 Brothers surrounding you. Super Junior.

You and your brothers made me realized. That I’m one of those Everlastingfriends who want to protect you.

But at that time I still didn’t know anything about this whole Super Junior thing. So I started to dig up some more space for Super Junior and searched anything about it.

02. Miracle

When I first saw you, a miracle (a miracle)
I love you baby and I'm never gonna stop
- miracle ; Kim Kibum’s Part

First, I fell in love with your looks and all. But now I think I’m starting to know you a little bit better. I fell in love with your personality. You’re such a dork and not everybody knows that. Not everybody knows you’re hella adorbs when you act like a dork. Everybody just know that you’re the quiet, silent Kim Ki Bum. And I started to know that there’s your hyung, your brother that could really make you smile, laugh, and being the old you, you have finally found a family.

When I first arrived in Korea from the States, I was more cheerful, talkative and laughed a lot. But before I knew it people started to say that I don’t talk much and seldom smile. It was something I didn’t expect to hear. People around me mistakenly think that I’m cold. I sometimes ask myself, do I really look like a coldhearted person?” – KiBum

As if I found another miracle, I started to fell in love with you and all of the Super Junior members as well.

03. U

To make you mine, I'll risk all that I've got
I'm going to lose it all
Take note, the game has already started
Now I'm going to be your man
– U ; Kibum’s part

That part of him rapping, no, I mean that song, was technically my first SJ song. My first suju song was Way for Love but I wasn’t an E.L.F back then OTL. U. Because you’re the reason why I’m staying up late spazzing about you. I searched up your name everywhere, I looked at your performances. And then there’s this Sorry, Sorry and Neorago performances. ….You were not there. And I finally found out that.

you were gone.

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